Fibre Cement

Big Six Fibre Cement Roofing and Cladding Sheets, with Profiled GRP Rooflights

Why would you choose Fibre Cement Profile Sheeting and Accessories ? 

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The world has moved on significantly from the days of asbestos in buildings, there is still a huge number of properties, educational, industrial, domestic which all still have some form asbestos sheeting tucked away in the roof. 

The modern day replacement is Fibre Cement, manufactured with a blend of Cement, Water, Natural & Synthetic fibres these sheets are in the popular Big Six (large wave) & Profile 3 (narrower wave) profiles it offers: 

- Cost Effective Weatherproofing 

- Virtually maintenance free

- No rust, rot or corrosion

- Resistant to Chemical Attack

- Vapour permeability reduces condensation

- Excellent Noise and thermal Insulation 

- Quick & Easy to install, and equally easy to fix (Roofing-Screws)

- Wide Product Range & Coloured options available 

- Guarantee available (on request) 

The minimum roof pitch for a big six sheet is 5 degrees, for the narrower profile its 10 degrees. 

The overall width of a Big Six sheet is 1086mm, cover width 1016mm, 6.7mm thick 

The overall width of a Profile 3 sheet is 782mm, cover width 650.8mm, 5,8mm thick 

The approx weight of the roof, as laid with 150mm end laps, single skin including fixings for the Big Six Profile is 17kg/m2, for the Profile 3 14.5kg/m2

For a full range of accessories, and further fitting information & guidence please do call us on 01476 563666 

Availabe Accessories: 

Two Piece Wing Ridge Cover (adjustable over a range of roof pitches

Cranked crown Sheet (for covering apex of roof

Ventilating Cranked Crown (for Ventilation at apex of roof

Apron Flashing (for weathering top of mono-pitch lean-to roofs) 

Roll top bargeboard (decorative trim for corner junction of roof & gable end wall)

External Corner (Plain wing cover trim for wall to wall & roof to gable end wall)

Eaves Corrugation Closer (for blanking off corrugation voids at eaves of roof)

Hortizontal Flashing Piece (used at junction of vertical sheeting above a wall or at the designed interruption of sheeting)

Eaves Filler (for blocking corrugation voids at eaves of roof)

Hooded two piece ridge finial (made to suit roll top bargeboards with two piece adjustable ridge only)

Two Piece Ventilating Ridge Cover (Adjustable over range of roof pitches providing natural ventilation)

Two Piece Close Fitting Ridge Cover (with profile wings adjustable over roof pitches)

TopFix fixings with correct washer (baz), or we do have a limited range of hook bolts & drive nails with spats although these may invalidate your warranty as they are no longer industry standard fixings for Fibe Cement Roofing & Cladding Sheets. 

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