Metal Garden Planters


So, you too can grow your own organic vegetables, use it as a comtemporary raised flower bed, or a good sized composter.�The planters are ready built, with the option of a base unit, wheels and shallow trays to drop in the top.�Obviously being galvanzied steel you will get good strength from the steel, & a long life, and excellent light reflection even in a small area. The

These can be used in veg gardens, landscaped areas, yards anywhere really!�

Ideally to prepare the area you would outline the dimensions of your new raised planter using string, and dig along the outline to bury a couple of corrugations of the bottom sidewalls, level out the dug out bed and if you wish use the cardboard �outer carton on top of the soil to prevent any weed growth.�The depth of the corrugated sheet planter helps encourage root growth as it helps retain moisture inside the planter. It will also deflect heat on hot summer days.�This raised garden bed is ideal for those gardeners who suffer from back problems as there is a limited amount of bending down thus enabling easier gardening.�

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